About White Tiger

White Tiger has been born from a love and desire to explore and achieve something spectacular. The idea was dreamt up some 10 years ago in Nepal as I sat along the shore of a river, watching as locals washed their clothes in the mountain water. The smell of burning juniper from a nearby monastery, the ice cold wisps of wind that blew up from the valleys below and the towering mountains that surrounded me made me feel alive in this most remarkable of places on earth.

I believe we are all curious by nature, having grown up reading and listening of tales of intrepid explorers who have walked to the darkest corners of the globe and of those who have scaled the highest heights. We now live in the greatest age where it is possible to experience such things for ourselves.

At White Tiger Expeditions we facilitate such experiences in the mountains with the aim of providing meticulously planned itineraries with thorough safety and preparation programmes. We want to deliver the most fulfilling trips that give you the experience of a lifetime; whether that be to immerse yourself in the extraordinary, to achieve a life ambition or to realise a dream.

Believe in the possible.

- Charlie Knights, Founder




About White Tiger