Our Commitment

White Tiger owes alot to the Himalayas and the mountain people who call it their home. Each trip we take to the country holds truly precious experiences that are individual to us all, whether it be the warmth of sharing a story with a local villager, the porter who carries a hefty weight but an even heavier smile or the alpine forests which cover the steepest slopes.

Each of these elements gives us the joy and thrill of experiencing an extraordinary wilderness of Nepal, a collection of memories that will last a lifetime. However, it is down to us to take responsibility and action for our enjoyment in these places.

As part of our commitment, each year we promise to reinvest a percentage of our profits back into the people and land of the Himalayas which we hope will help secure a viable future for this precious land for many more of us to enjoy in the future.

Please explore our list of charity affiliates who we are working with to make change.