Christmas is within touching distance, but if you are still struggling for awesome gift ideas for your loved one's White Tiger is here to save the day.

We have come up with our absolute favourite items which are perfect for anybody looking for adventure.

GoProHero7 Black



GoPro needs no introduction. If you are going somewhere epic, pushing your personal boundaries, seeing something for the very first time…you absolutely want to make sure that is captured on film. Not only to prove you got there but to boast and inspire your whole catalogue of friends and family who are going to be champing at the bite to join you on your next adventure to the Himalayas.

Price - £310



‘Fear No Water’ is their tagline. LifeStraw is one of the coolest new kids on the block for making contaminated water safe to drink. They have a whole range of drinking vessels, but our favourite is the LifeStraw steel which can sit neatly in a pocket, be carried everywhere and has the facility for you to drink out of any pond, lake, river or stream. Pretty cool and a perfect stocking filler.

Price - £40

Ascent – Chris Bonington


The legendary Chris Bonington’s most recent book is a MUST on any budding adventurers bookshelf. Dubbed “The David Attenborough of mountaineering” this is the Sir Chris’s most personal memoir to date as he takes us on a journey from early beginnings, through the trials and tribulations of extreme Himalayan mountaineering, to life in the Lakeland Fells.

Not only is it fascinating, but the book looks great too.

Price - £12

Aerobie Aero Press


Who says being in the wild means you can’t access great coffee?

The Aerobie AeroPress is an incredibly lightweight and robust coffee press, using the power of the plunger this simple contraption will make outstanding coffee in 30 seconds flat. The AeroPress is also amazing value for money.

Imagine being able to make a quality cup of Americano in the remotest parts of the Himalayas? This is now very possible.

Price - £25

Powerdot 2.0


This amazing piece of kit is perfect for trail runners.

The PowerDot is a smart muscle stimulator that aids muscle recovery and performance which simply connects and operates from your iPhone. The app has 10+ muscle stimulation programs which are designed to reduce recovery time and increase muscular performance. It is super lightweight, easy to use and is one of the coolest bits of adventure kit on the market.

Price - £200+

Patagonia 50L Duffel


Everybody needs a solid duffel bag for their upcoming adventures. One of our personal favourites is the Patagonia 50L duffel which is made so well, it can withstand wear and tear and looks outstanding to carry. Even if you are back at home the bags are designed stylishly enough to take over to your friends and family.

Price - £85

The North Face Summit Series Antarctica Down Hoodie


WOW. This down jacket is described as the ultimate lightweight jacket, filled to the brim with 800 category down and delivers with extraordinary warmth without compromising flexibility. This jacket will not let you down as you journey up to heights of 4,000 – 5,000m in the Himalayas.

Price - £340

Doug Scott Signed Print


Legendary climber Doug Scott has a knack for remarkable photography as well as climbing in the Himalayas. You can order your very own print from one of many expeditions the climber took in the 1970-80’s. Perhaps our personal favourite is this short of Dougal Haston climbing the Hillary Step on his way to the summit of Mount Everest in 1975.

An extraordinary photo and a piece of prized history waiting to see on your study wall.

Price - £120